Responsibilities as the Home-owner

In hiring Henry's Wall to Wall Renovations to complete your home project, you can be confident that you are employing an experienced and professional contractor. As a general contractor, the timing of trades alongside all the construction-related details will be handled and problem-solved skilfully and knowledgeably by Henry.

However, before and during the process of renovations, there are a few responsibilities that fall upon the shoulders of you, the home-owner. Here are seven helpful tips from Dynasty Bathrooms' Reno Checklist that can help limit the renovation time as well as your expenses.

1. Clear work areas of furniture, drapes and art

Unless otherwise specifically arranged, it is up to you to protect your valuables by placing them in an area where no work is going on, or out of the home, and to cover anything that might be harmed by dust. Additionally, keeping an eye on pets saves them from getting in the way.

2. Make early product selections

If you are opting to select and/or provide specific items such as flooring, lighting fixtures, tiles, kitchen cabinets, etc. then have these items available when needed to ensure the smooth progress of work.

3. Be available on short notice

Invariably, a situation will arise when you will be asked to make a number of smaller decisions as the work progresses. Make sure that you can be contacted on short notice or work might fall behind schedule.

4. Keep changes to a minimum

We are more than willing to accommodate changes to the originally contracted plan as we go along; however, you must be aware that any change you make could result in a cost increase and a time delay. 'Change orders' are amendments to the contract, and they must be agreed upon by both parties.

5. Discuss your concerns as they arise

Please feel free to bring any concerns and questions to our attention immediately - don't wait for 'the right moment.'

6. Provide payment as agreed upon

Be available to make progress payments as agreed upon at the start of the contract and in the amount requested. This will ensure supplies and material can be purchased promptly.

7. Accept the unpredictable

Inclement weather, unavailable products, unforeseen complications, issues with suppliers, etc. can all be part of the renovation experience, and will be dealt with professionally. Simply be advised that not everything goes according to plan - and to accept this will make the renovation process much easier for both of us.

We look forward to working with you on your project and making your home and Winnipeg a prettier place!

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